Why so scared???

Today marks the end of our first week of full-time travel. We are settled in Austin Texas for the next two months! One of the challenges for me with constantly relocating is adjusting to a new environment over, and over, and over. New grocery stores, parks, people, culture… In order to accommodate our need to acclimate to RV life again it is nice to be stationary for the first part of our journey. Not to mention we are living fairly close to family which allows us to have back up in an emergency situation.

OK, so speaking of the emergency situation… here is my realization this week. The months and weeks prior to traveling are terrifying to me! They were last time and they were this time. I almost resemble my six-year-old who creates in her head monsters under the bed. Or “what if” scenarios that are so far-fetched it’s almost impossible to talk her out of them. Prior to arriving in Texas, I had visions of our kids being drug away by alligators. I had visions of Baby Nomad being covered in fire ants and scorpions. I pictured the pedophiles in all of the campers around ours. Insane? Well considering that I arrive at the assumption that all of these things would happen at once, YES. Insane. These are all of the little worries that kept me awake at night as I googled alligator attacks. Could I logically talk myself out of the worry? You’d think. Like, how would the child traffickers get my kids if they were in the bottom of a lake because of the alligator? And did you know that the most likely person to harm your kid is someone you know? A coach, a relative, a friend. So if I look at the most likely scenario of how kids get hurt, being constantly surrounded by strangers may actually be safer?  Worry is something that has always come natural to me. Kids compound the worry because now I have something that I feel a need to protect more than the heart in my own chest.

So here is the actual situation. We are at a FANTASTIC campground. Everyone is so friendly and I’ve already met another mom with three young kids. Our campsite is quiet and shaded by trees. The truck is parked along the street and Daddy Nomad does most of his work meetings in the truck. He’s like a guard at the gate because the truck creates a barrier to the road and a little play space where I can watch the kids from my kitchen window. Retired people walk by every so often, smiling and waving to the kids. This makes my kids feel like celebrities so now they count quietly to three and then yell in unison  “HELLO!” to everyone who passes by. The weather has been fantastic… not too hot or cold so we have spent around six hours per day outside. We are close to Lake Travis, which we visited for the first time a couple of days ago. We went with three kids and left with three. We didn’t see alligators but we did see a quiet beach and a playground, both of which we had all to ourselves.

What a reward for pushing past the worry!  Is there a lot out there that we need to protect our kids from? Unfortunately yes. But how are we going to raise brave kids if we are immobilized by our own fear? Mama and Daddy Nomad tend to be worriers, and we both agree that if there is one thing we hope to not pass on to our kids, it is that. So we move forward despite fear and reap the rewards of living like we were brave all along.

Thanks to those of you who are new subscribers! If you want to keep up on our travels, the good/bad/and the smelly, Daddy Nomad has now created a mailing list that you can subscribe to on the blog. We will be writing about educating our kids on the road, travel tips, days in the life, and we have even considered posting our monthly expenses so you can get an inside view on what fulltime travel costs… so you can see that it is affordable for you to join us! My dad had the fantastic idea of creating an HGRV section where we will post pictures of our camper remodel before and afters. If there are any other topics you would like me to cover, just ask! We are excited to bring you on our journey.

Wishing you the best 🙂

Mama Nomad.


Photo Credit: Uncle Nate


  1. Elizabeth Hodgson

    Love reading about your travels. Great writer.

  2. Sherry Nelson

    Enjoy stumbling on your Rv life. We have ran the lake park campground for the last 26 years and the slow paced adventures life is amazing. Enjoy. If you ever get near Golf Canyon AZ. We winter there and we could be back up nana and papa Or your folks could come stay with us for a 2nd bedroom. God. Bless your adventure.

    1. Sherry Nelson

      Gold canyon. Near mesa

      1. Megan

        Thanks Sherry! We will probably end up in Arizona at some point!

  3. Lisa

    You go guys!what an adventure. GOD goes before you.

    1. Megan

      Thanks Lisa 🙂

  4. Teresa

    We’re a bit envious, living vicariously through your travels. God bless and protect.

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