RVedo’s Trip Along the Coast

We are into our fourth month of full time travel and I have seriously lacked blog posts! To be honest, much of our journey has been rough so our time and attention has been focused on keeping sanity for ourselves and our kids while we try to readjust to this crazy lifestyle with Baby Nomad in tow! So to catch you up on the past several months, we left Austin Texas a little bit early because we were freezing! It was a sad goodbye as we had family in the area so leaving Texas was leaving behind the last of our support system. But our toes were cold and our hearts were urging us to hit the road. Six weeks in Austin was the perfect amount of time to experience the area. We now know that Texans like guns and tacos. That is all.

We headed east from Texas and spent our first week in Louisiana. We were at a quirky Jellystone Park campground that was so humid that once something was wet, it stayed wet till we reached Alabama. In Louisiana we went on our first swamp walk. It was like another world!  We saw a cotton mouth snake swimming under the boardwalk. We didn’t realize they were deadly till we made it back to the truck and googled it. Luckily it was in the water and we were on a boardwalk above, but we left Louisiana with the resolution to watch our step for the remainder of our journey along the gulf.

We hit the road again and headed to Pass Christian Mississippi. What an experience that was! Our campsite was on the wolf river, and just moments from beautiful beaches. This area was hit hard by hurricane Katrina and it was amazing to see that it was still recovering. Much of the land around the water was empty and for sale. It was haunting to think of the community that had once been there prior to the storm and how the vibrant life along the coast had been replaced with vacant lots and for sale signs.

Mississippi was where homesickness really crept in for our family. We had been out of Texas for long enough to start feeling lonely and isolated. Luckily to counter that, it was also one of the most friendly communities we have had in a campground. Several retired people befriended our kids and would strike up conversations as we crossed paths. So many people are curious about our family, watching at a distance at first and then eventually walking up and asking “sooo… what the heck are you guys doing?” This may be because Joel works all day in the truck… looking suspicious. It may also be that we have a kid who clearly is of age to be in school. It may also be because we walk around all day with a panicked expression on our faces that says “what the heck are we doing?!?!”


Alabama was our next stop.  Here we stayed at another Jellystone Park that was very well kept, but several miles drive to Gulf Shores or any entertainment. This made for a quiet week, enjoying a beautiful campground with owners who took pride in their park. We also made a couple trips to the coast… because how could we not? We loved seeing our kids experience the ocean waves for their first time (since our last travel attempt two years ago) We are continually in awe of how the ocean calms the craziest of thoughts. Joel commented on how people come from everywhere to plop down a chair, sit, and watch the water for hours. There is something amazing about that!

Following Alabama we waited out the rest of the winter in Florida. Our stops were the Emerald Coast at Navarre Beach, Fountain (which was a tiny town we used as a stop over on our way to the other coast) and eventually St. Augustine where we met up with family!

So there is a quick recap of January, February, March and April 🙂 I will try to be better writing about our daily experiences! I appreciate those of you who are following our journey and who asked why we haven’t been writing! Hopefully some inspiration will come soon. Maybe I just need a few good nights of sleep…

That said, big changes are happening this week. So stay keep checking back in!

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