Ramblings of a Sleepy Nomad

You know those days, when you are standing in your trailer, wearing mix matched socks, drinking your kale smoothie from a measuring cup? We’ve all been there. That was me this afternoon as my kids were melting down from their terrible night sleep. I couldn’t help but think … ‘I have arrived.’

I looked out the window where the young, kid-free RVer who lives across from us was wandering around outside his shiny Airstream… he’s arrived too. His GPS clearly took him a different route…some might say a smarter route…definitely a prettier route. It’s hard to compare my route with Airstream guy but fortunately I don’t have to! I get to feel the same warm Texas sunshine on my face that he does, even if my face is covered in smashed bananas from baby nomads lunch time kisses.

Not every day in RV life is vacation. Mostly it is just normal life but with less space and fewer responsibilities to all that comes with the American dream. It’s easy to have “what the heck are we doing?!?” moments but those moments usually go away with a few hours of good sleep.

Ooooh Baby Nomad, I need a good night sleep. My determination to not let my last baby ‘cry it out’ has become challenged by your hourly night time feedings. I answered your cry and pulled you into bed with me so early this morning. In my weariness I heard a voice that said ‘you have created a monster.’ Sleep well my little monster. We have a long night ahead of us:)

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