Eight reasons to consider becoming a stay-at-RV-mom


If I have learned one thing being a mom and having a facebook page, it is that there are three camps. One camp is filled with mothers who stay home. They like to post articles and blog posts about the difficulties of this lifestyle and request that others don’t judge their decisions. The other camp is filled with moms who work outside the home. They too post about the difficulties of this lifestyle, requesting others not judge their decisions.  But there is a third group of moms… so far, I haven’t met one except for me… but that does not mean that this group is not seriously under-represented in the stay-at-home/work-outside-home debate. So here are my reasons that being a stay-at-RV-mom is something every mom should consider.

1)When your husband asks if you got the laundry done you can answer… “Yes, it is in the basket on the stove” (when space is limited, the stove is considered counter space).

2)If you have weird neighbors you can move (I learned this when shortly after we settled in at our new campground, our neighbors started moving.) But in all seriousness, too much sunlight? Move. Not enough sunlight? Move. Too many tornado warnings? Move. Mountain lion sighting? Move. Trump wins? You get my point.

3)When you finally get the kids in the car and start driving, and you think… Oh crud, I left my phone at home… then you look in the rear view mirror and there is a 50/50 chance your phone is following right behind you.


4)The look you get from mini-van-moms at the park when you pull in and hop out of your One Ton Dually.

5)You can pay cash for a home on a golf course in your 30’s instead of waiting till your 60’s.


6)You can finish dinner, clear the table, and make a cup of decaf…all without standing up.

7)Your home can go from looking like this…


to looking like this…


only hypnotizing your kids with 20 minutes of screen time.

8) The feeling of stepping out your door and not remembering where you are, and then the super fun few seconds of disoriented anticipation till you remember.

9)You have one designated cup, which you use for coffee, smoothies, water and wine… so nobody ever knows what you’re drinking … ba-dum-bum.





  1. Lisa Thomsen

    Ok, this blog was a delight to read….it’s 7am, what’s in you mug! Or mine!

  2. Mikal

    So fun to read!! Thanks for the update and the chuckle!! Now as almost full time RVers ourselves I can so relate!!

  3. Jeannie Short

    So enjoyed reading this!

  4. This is so fun to read. I love that we can clean our RV so quickly as well, although the longest we’ve stayed is 1 week.

  5. I enjoy reading about your adventures, Megan–you look so much like your mom! It takes a lot of courage to not just wish for a different life but to “go for it!” What an exciting time for your family and memories that you will never forget!

  6. Megan, if you go thru New Mexico (and perhaps neighboring states) fill up at every station you see. We found that towns showing up on our maps weren’t necessarily still there–and we went almost 100 miles at one point before finding a gas station. It was a little scary…

    1. Oh my. Thanks! That would be terrible! We will keep that in mind!

  7. Lynn Hansen

    Hi Megan
    Enjoying your blog!

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