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I’ve had several people curious about what an average day looks like for us as a full time RVing family. So for anyone who is curious, I’m going to blog throughout the day and include you on our adventure! It is only honest to admit that despite my pictures, this lifestyle is not all beaches. Rather, we survive the rough times to soak up the good times! I remind myself regularly that there were rough days when we lived in a house as well.  When we first started planning for this adventure as a family, we came across a blog of a family that had the motto “Let’s seize the carpe out of this diem!”  Joel and I love that motto and have used it many times in our travels. I also created my own saying… “this diem carped on us.” I’m not sure which way today will go, but will blog it as we go along.

We are a little sleep deprived today. Both kids have colds and are congested, which makes sleeping rough. One thing that is a huge challenge is that both kids sleep about three feet from each other, so when one wakes, the other usually does too. We were up around 2:30 am, trying to get little brother back to sleep, then he was up for the day at 5:40 am. This has been going on for a few days so needless to say we are all exhausted. Work has been crazy for Joel so he was up late last night, and since our bedroom is also his office, I stayed up to fold laundry. So, this morning started out way too early with little brother calling from his room. I was jolted from sleep when he yelled for me and I ran to grab him in hopes his sister would stay asleep. When I got to his room, he was standing proudly in his crib without his shirt on…. taking off his shirt is his newest trick. I poured him a cup of nutmilk and grabbed the iPad, bringing him into our bed so we could remain in a half conscious state for a bit longer while he watched Curious George. Joel typically tries to start his work day at 6:00 am so that he can be done early and we can go explore our surroundings. I was only half awake but I think he got started late today….late meaning 6:30 :). Around that time I was up and we were starting our coffee/breakfast routine. It pains me to say, I fill our early morning hours with TV shows and screen time. I haven’t been able to get functioning early enough to do anything more constructive with the kids. This is something I hope to improve on, but for now Curious George and I are just going to co-parent. I made steel cut oats for breakfast, which takes thirty minutes, but that doesn’t matter… I have all the time in the world. I catch up reading blogs from other full-time families and enjoy my latte while the oats cook and the kids watch their shows. I pull the oats off the stove and chop Washington peaches to put on top, scooping servings into paper bowls. After breakfast we pull out our play dough. Due to the kids being sick, I decided we should make a fresh, booger free batch. I’ll post our recipe later… again, I have all the time in the world :). The kids help me sweep up play dough and I wash up dishes. I continue to be amazed by how quickly our home becomes a mess, and how quickly I can put it back together.

Typically I would try to take the kids outside for a couple of hours before lunch. I have been rotating days between the park and the beach, but today we needed to get a new hose for the RV because our sewer hook-up is too far for the water to drain from the shower. So Joel took a break from work and we headed to the only store in this tiny town…one that sells everything from clothing to baby strollers to RV supplies. When we get home, we try several times to back the camper close enough to the hook ups that the new tube will fit but this was unsuccessful… so two hours later we decide that there will be limited shower use till we move again. The tanks are full, and after spending our morning trying to drain the tank, we aren’t going to spend any more time hauling it to a dump site. Plus, Joel announced in frustration that he spilled enough of our grey tank (luckily just shower water) on the ground during failed attempts to empty the tank enough that it won’t overflow. Limiting water seems doable, our next move is only a few days away. I make lunch and Joel finishes his work day while little brother naps and sister works on some school projects.

Black Bean BrowniesWe make black bean brownies for an afternoon snack…it was the first time I have made them but they were fantastic…crazy how maple syrup and cocoa powder makes beans taste like chocolate. Plus it was a protein packed snack that would fuel my kids for a hike later. Brownies were baked in a bread pan… turns out I don’t actually need six sizes of pans for baking…By this point Joel is finished with his work day, so after a quick dance party in our living room (which is also our dining room and kitchen, making dance injuries a high risk) it is time to seize the carpe out of the rest of our diem.

We load the kids up and head to “Cape Disappointment” a Washington State Park. It was about a five minute drive from our campsite and then a short hike to a light house on a ridge overlooking the water. The view from the top was fantastic as we looked down a hundred feet to the water crashing against the rocks below. I tried several times to take pictures and then decided that if we continue to travel for a while, I will need to become a better photographer. It is disappointing to see such amazing views and be completely unable to capture it and share it with you guys!

Cape Disappointment Trail
Cape Disappointment Trail
North Head Lighthouse
Walking to the North Head Lighthouse
Cape Disappointment State Park
Cape Disappointment State Park. Ilwaco, WA


Following Cape Disappointment we head home and I start dinner. Dinner is served on paper plates, to make clean up easier. Due to our tanks being full, Joel gives the kids baths using as little water as possible, while I head to the campground showers. Usually I avoid these showers at all cost because they creep me out. They seem to set the stage for a serial killer in a CSI episode. Quickly finishing my shower that would have been relaxing had I not been in my freaked out high alert state, I head to the door… which was LOCKED!!! I scan the floor for the shoes of the serial killer hiding in the stall as a chill goes up my spine. I didn’t have my cell phone, and was suddenly wishing once again that I had kung fu skills. I did take a kick boxing class once, but quit when I became the class entertainment for pointing my toe when I kicked… anyways, back to shaking the door, freaked out, scanning the shower room… really only one split second of panic, till I realized the door was not locked but rather I was turning the knob the wrong way. Back to the camper, pajamas, four books, and another glass of milk, then it is bedtime for the kids. We put our oldest to bed in our room until her brother falls asleep, otherwise the little buddies are too excited about one another’s company to fall asleep.

At this point we clean up after the last of our day, do a little planning for upcoming travels, and spend the rest of the evening exhausted on the couch. When both kids are in a deep sleep, sister gets moved to her bed, and I decide to sleep on the couch so I can more easily get up with the kids tonight.

So there you have it! The good, bad and ugly of raising kids on the road!


  1. Mikal

    Thanks for the update! Enjoy the pictures! You are an excellent writer–I can see, touch, and even get a taste of what life is like for you. Thanks for letting me vicariously journey with you. Now on that note I’m exhausted and need a glass of wine–haha!! Maybe the whole bottle!! Our full time RV adventure ends this weekend. We finally are moving back home after a summer of renting it out. We too have learned alot about full time RV living. It is an adventure!! Keep the blogs coming!! Hugs!!

  2. Laurie Torbert

    Megan, Bart and I so enjoy reading your blog! You are on quite an adventure…. so cool that you are taking the opportunity to do this! Love how your writing paints pictures of what it is really like! You make us smile…from the one mug for all drinks to the fresh batch of booger free play doh….😊

  3. I love the opportunity to be in your day when you share with us! It sounds and feels like my days with little kids.

    You all seem to get through it with a sense of adventure. (I bet it doesn’t feel like that some days!)

    I look forward to your next post.

  4. Lynn Hansen

    Megan thanks for share your day.I enjoy hearing and seeing your photos about your adventure.
    Hugs Lynn

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